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Jesus said: "I will build my church." (Matt. 16:18). By using the human personality through the ages He has done, and is doing, just that.


In the hearts and homes of a few of the men and women of the Nails Creek community, Cedar Grove Church had its beginning: Like many of our early churches, we had a helping hand in the Ellejoy Baptist Church, meetings were held alternately from Aug. 7, 1833 to May 22, 1835 with this Church. The Aug. 7th meeting was at the home of John Vineyard, of Cedar Grove, then at Ellejoy, and back and forth in this manner until Cedar Grove was constituted a church. The following is an exact copy from minutes: March 28, 1835 the church of Ellejoy met, house petitioned that they be constituted a church, to which agreed, (ouse petitioned that they be contiving near the Cedar Grove meting lowing them to choose the time, and call their presbytery for constitution.

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